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EoDB Mean / Median Report
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EoDB Mean / Median Report
Report From Date: 22/6/2024 Report To Date: 22/6/2024
SlNoDescriptionTransfer of OwnershipGoods PermitFitnessLearners LicensePermanent Driving License
1Time limit prescribed as per the Pubic Service Guarantee Act (in days)11111
2Total Number of Applications Recieved1496295229321756
3Total Number of Applications Approved1430279627681722
4Total Number of Applications Rejected00000
5Total Number of Applications Underprocess66015616434
6Mean time taken for Approval (in days)11111
7Median time taken for Approval (in days)11111
8Minimum Time Taken (in days)11111
9Maximum Time Taken (in days)11111
Disclaimer:The data in this dashboard is updated on a real time basis.Last updated : 23/06/2024 04:16 AM
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