Government of Telangana Transport Department
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HELPLINE NUMBERS : 040 - 23370081,040 - 23370083,040 - 23370084 (10:00 AM to 6:00 PM) (LUNCH TIMINGS 2:00 PM to 2:30 PM)
Learner License
New Learner Licence
New Learner Licence in place of expired Learner Licence
Learner Licence for addition of a new class of vehicle
Issue duplicate Learner Licence
Retest for Learner Licence
Issue of Learner License for Expired DL

Driving License
Fresh Driving License
Addition of Class of Vehicle to Driving License
Surrender Of License
Renewal of License
Duplicate of License
International Driving Permit
Change Of Address
Retest for Driving Licence
Driving Licence History Sheet
Exipred DL for Driving Licence
Hazardous License

Conductor License
Issue of Fresh Conductor Licence
Renewal of Conductor Licence
Issue of duplicate Conductor Licence
Change of Address in Conductor Licence

Fitness Certificate
Issue of New Fitness Certificate
Issue of duplicate Fitness Certificate
Renewal of Fitness Certificate
Permission to get Fitness Certificate at Other Station

Tax Payment
Green Tax Payment
Tax Token Print
Safe Axle Endorsment
Apply for Release Order

Reservation of Special Number
New Vehicle Registration
Reassignment of Vehicle
Issue of Fresh Registration Certificate in the name of Financier
Issue of B-Register (History sheet of vehicle)
Hypothecation/ Hire Purchase/ Lease Agreement
Hypothecation/ Hire Purchase/ Lease Termination
Transfer of Ownership
Duplicate of RC
Renewal of RC
Change of Address
Alteration of Vehicle
Issue of NOC/CC
Cancellation of NOC/CC
Vehicle Inspection Slot Booking

Issue of New Permit
Issue of Permit for Goods Vehicles
Issue of Duplicate Permit
Renewal Of Permit
Surrender Of Permit
Transfer of Permit
Renewal of Authorisation for National Permit
Issue of Duplicate Authorisation for National Permit
Variation Of Permit
Replacement Of Vehicle
Issue of Temporary/Special Permit

Recommendation Letter
Issue of Recommendation Letter
Renewal of Recommendation Letter
Duplicate of Recommendation Letter
Transfer of Recommendation Letter
Replacement Of Vehicle

Trade Certificate
Fresh Trade Certificate
Duplicate Trade Certificate

HELPLINE NUMBERS : 040 - 23370081,040 - 23370083,040 - 23370084 (10:00 AM to 6:00 PM) (LUNCH TIMINGS 2:00 PM to 2:30 PM)
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